Friday, August 05, 2016

A few street scenes

Here are a few shots of nothing in particular. I was making my way on foot from up near the capitol down to the river and the waterfront park. The first photo is a view of Lodge Street, looking south. The church is called Saint Mary's, a Roman Catholic church completed in 1870.

The second photo is North Pearl Street, again looking southward from its intersection with Sheridon Street. You can see the old (restored) Kenmore Hotel building just left of center. It was built as a hotel in 1878 and renovated as an office building in 1986.

The last photo was taken on Broadway, again looking kind of southward. The trees are in a small triangular park between Maiden Lane and Pine Street. There were very few people on the sidewalks because it wasn't lunch time yet. That made snapping photos a little easier.

The distortion you might have noticed (the buildings leaning at strange angles) in the pictures is an effect of the wide-angle lens. I did some minimal correction in post-processing by rotating and cropping, but nothing fancier.


  1. Leaning buildings, how very Amsterdam.

  2. Exceptional shots. The department of tourism should hire you!

  3. I've been following you for a long time, but never commented. I had worked in Albany for many years, but have never noticed the obvious. So, I am seeing the city and outskirts through a different lens. Really enjoying your trip to my area. Hope that there are many more shots that you generously will share.

  4. the sky in the first photo is great

  5. andrew, appropriate for a Dutch colony, eh?

    mitch, that would be something!

    paul, thanks for the comment! Do you still live in the area?

    gosia, it was a very nice spring day.

  6. I remember those streets! Albany is a beautiful city.


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