Monday, August 22, 2016

Picnic area

This is one of the many picnic areas that are set up around Thacher Park near the edge of the escarpment. In warmer weather, these places are filled with people enjoying barbecues, playing games (there are softball diamonds here and there in the park), and just hanging out.

Someone must have been planning an event and set up this canopy, but there was no sign of activity.

I was here in May and it was still too chilly for much picnicking. But it was still very pretty with all of the fresh green growth.

Picnic tables, barbecue grills, and water fountains nestled among the pines.


  1. Catching up after a few weeks -- and loving your snaps of this area, and your US visit! You inspired me to plant some haricots verts, albeit late for our area....

  2. I love picnics in places like this!

  3. judy, we had good light that day!

    christine, good luck! Our beans are really producing this year.

    evelyn, :)


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