Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The last one

This will be the last post from my trip to Canada and the US last May. At least for a while. I've been posting photos from that trip for over three months now. Jeez! Thanks for hanging in there.

Interpretive signage near the western entrance to the Indian Ladder Trail.

The Tory Cave is something that I vaguely knew about, but had forgotten. It's just a tiny footnote in the history of the Revolution, but given how few Europeans lived in this "wilderness" back in the late eighteenth century, it's interesting.

"A little farther back, almost there, back just a little more..."

I don't know these people at all, but they were taking each others' picture as we walked the little bridge over the stream. This is the spot where the stream flows over the edge of the escarpment to form Mine Lot Falls below.


  1. I've hung in there and enjoyed the sights and detail. Great that people can stand at the top of the waterfall with only a modest fence to protect them.

  2. Wow, has it been three months? Well, I've enjoyed it!

  3. How quickly time flies when you're having fun. I see a promise that in the near future, more photos will appear. Hopefully, in the present, we can enjoy some photos of life with Callie.

  4. "A little farther back, almost there, back just a little more..."


  5. andrew, thanks! I'm glad you made it through.

    gosia, very pretty.

    judy, yup! I started with my afternoon in Paris, and that took a couple of weeks, at least!

    paul, there may be some more here and there. Until then, more photos from the countryside. :)

    anne marie, ;)


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