Sunday, August 14, 2016

Inside the Guggenheim

The major disappointment with the museum was that most of it was closed due to the installation of a new exhibit. We got in at a reduced price and were able to see the art in the new wing. But the main spiral ramp inside the iconic building was roped off. Still, we were able to view the space from the main floor and from each successive landing where the two sections of the museum intersected. Here are a few of my impressions.

A museum worker on the ramp.

I took no photos of the art we saw, and we saw plenty. I was a little disappointed not to be able to walk the ramp, but I'm glad I got to see it at any rate. Maybe on my next visit!

An incredible volume created by the architect.

After the Guggenheim, my friend L and I walked a few blocks down Fifth Avenue to the Neue Gallery to see Klimt's The Woman in Gold. It was amazing. The gallery also had Munch's original The Scream, a very small pastel, not at all as I imagined it to be. Photos were not allowed inside the gallery.

The level above the museum's café, looking out over Central Park.

Then we got back on the subway to Grand Central Station, where we shopped at the NYMTA museum store. I found what I was looking for: a mouse pad with the NYC subway map printed on it. Next, we decided to walk down to Penn Station to get the train for our trip home. Along the way we stopped at a wine bar called Madison and Vine, predictably on Madison Avenue, for a glass (or two in my case). The weather was drizzly, but the city was sparkling and it was all great fun. The wine ensured that I napped a little on the train ride back to Albany.

Another interior shot.


  1. It looks amazing. I hope to visit someday.

  2. Yes, the interior (albeit closed to you, unfortunately) looks familiar. But way back when I was there the building was absolutely unique in the world - and maybe still is for all I know.

  3. I hope to see the Klimt's Woman in Gold on my next visit to NYC.

  4. My two favorite museusms in the world: this one in NY and the one in Bilbao.

  5. I don't know when I will next get to NYC, but now I know that I have to go to the Neue Gallery :)

  6. What a fascinating building.

  7. Your exterior shots in the previous post are quite wonderful, especially the first.
    I remember someone telling me, back when, that the museum as built was rather less than Guggenheim had wanted. Apparently, there was a certain amount of bureaucratic fiddling, and some Changes Were Made. Even so, it's pretty spectacular.


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