Monday, August 01, 2016

Rensselaerville Falls

These are my friends L&L on the bridge below Rensselaerville Falls in the Huyck Preserve. We had a nice walk along the creek to the falls. And then we got hungry. Onward!

L&L with falls behind.

Here's a picture of me and L that L took with her smartphone. I had forgotten about it until I found it again on Facebook.

Walt and L at Rensselaerville Falls.

We had lunch at the Mountain View Brasserie in Greenville. There was a nice looking Rolls (I think) parked out front. My friends L&L took some photos outside. Lunch was great. I had grilled chicken breast with roasted peppers and a basil mayonnaise on ciabatta bread. And some wine, of course. It was all delicious!

What a nice car!

Later that evening, L grilled salmon and corn on the barbecue and served it with some fried haddock, sweet potatoes, and a mixed salad. Yum! We followed that up with a fruit tarte. And more wine, of course.

L taking a picture of L outside the Mountain View Brasserie.


  1. L & L have a very nice car. Yeah, yeah, but you could pretend.

  2. Great to see such a wonderful photo of you!

  3. Wait, isn't that a Toyota?

    Absolutely beautiful setting, and looks like wonderful friends! I know I've seen L&L in photos from other visits-- may I ask how long you've known them? Since high school days? or college? or work?

  4. reminds me of john lennon's rolls royce.

  5. andrew, they do have two very nice cars, just not Rolls'. :)

    mitch, few and far between.

    judy, ha! We met when we worked for the same agency in 1979 until 1981 when I went to Paris.

    anne marie, hmmmmm...

    gosia, I wonder how old it is?

  6. I missed these nice photos yesterday. I love seeing L&L and thinking about your long friendship.


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