Friday, August 19, 2016

Along the trail

There are a few places along the Indian Ladder Trail where you have to crouch down to pass. This is one of them.

Looking ahead.

Some parts of the trail are wide and not at all treacherous. Others, like this, are a bit more narrow and scary. But at least there are fences to keep you from falling. I exaggerate, but there are places where people do fall and hurt themselves. You have to be careful.

And looking back.

The walk is not strenuous at all. Except that the stairs at either end can be difficult for people with mobility issues. I'm glad that I can still negotiate it all because there will come a day when I won't be able to. When that day comes I will be glad to have my photos.


  1. Going to be sorry to come to the end of your trip blogs, Walt. I've enjoyed being 'back East.'

  2. I don't know how to leave a comment on Ken's blog but after today's may I say I cannot believe it is nine and a half years since Callie arrived. That is how long I have been following both your blogs almost daily. A friend had a new puppy then and I Googled puppy pics so I could print and send her a card. I found your photo of Callie as a puppy and have enjoyed reading about her (and you and Ken) ever since. We found ourselves in lovely Saint Aignan last year on a trip to France and so particularly enjoy following your life there. The patisserie by the church was so good we made another special journey there to get our picnic lunch the next day. We ate it up on the chateau forecourt where Ken took some photos a few weeks ago. Sorry to ramble on but we love your blogs so much and you give us daily pleasure in thinking about your lovely part of France. AND the recipes are great - when does the cookery book come out!!!? I still use your rhubarb tart recipe, Walt!
    Very many thanks to you and Ken - and Callie of course! Angela

  3. That must be a fabulous hike. Those fences remind me of the differences between the US and Europe. Fences are much less common in the latter I think. So are the law suits.

    1. Agree Stuart. The trails remind me of our experiences in the Dordogne.
      Leon and Sue

  4. sheila, it was fun! Back to sticks and leaves (and grapes) soon.

    angela, thanks for the comment! Ken's blog doesn't allow anonymous comments because of a spam problem.

    stuart, it's a nice walk and pretty easy over all. I know what you mean about fences. Too many liability issues in the US!

    leon, :)


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