Monday, August 15, 2016

A garden update

Our vegetable garden is going strong, thankfully. We're harvesting green beans like there's no tomorrow. Next year I will plant shorter rows in an effort to space the harvest out more. The zucchini is producing well. And I know now that two plants are enough for the two of us.

One of the pumpkins. It won't be ready until it turns orange/beige.

The eggplants and bell peppers are making fruit, although harvest won't be for another few weeks. The winter squash, two kinds of pumpkins and a local variety of squash that resembles butternut, are doing their thing. They'll be ready around the first of October, I think.

Tomatoes just starting to show a little color.

And the greens! We have lots of kale and chard. More than we can use, of course, so much of it is going into the freezer. Then there are the tomatoes. The plants have produced a good number of green tomatoes so far. We're waiting for the ripening. These hot days should help that along nicely.


  1. pumpkin be ready for Halloween for sure

  2. Good learning on the green bean front :)

  3. Love these colors. So many intense greens, and the yellow blossom to set them off.

  4. gosia, I hope so!

    judy, let's hope I can apply what I've learned. ;)

    kiwi, :)


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