Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Looking west

Yesterday's views of the Helderberg Escarpment were looking east. Today's views look the other way. A trail makes its way along the cliff edge through most of the park. Another trail descends the cliff face (more about that later).

This section of the cliff-side trail has a fence to keep hikers from tumbling over.

There are other trails in the park through the forest up into the hills behind, and numerous picnic areas, however overnight camping is not allowed in the park. There was once a large public swimming pool, but it was closed in 2007 and completely removed a few years later.

The visitors' center construction site is visible just to the right of center.

A new visitors' center was under construction in the park when I was there in May. You can see it in these photos if you look very closely. I wonder if it's open yet?


  1. all that green! I miss it so. lovely view and photo !

  2. michael, it was mid-May and all the leaves were shiny and new.


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