Saturday, August 27, 2016

Le Cher

Callie and I walked down to the river the other day. It's not a long walk. It takes five or ten minutes and we're there. The weather has been very hot, so it's not surprising that we saw people swimming in the river. The water level is low right now and there are many sand bars and beaches.

A couple of guys fishing in the river with their dog.

I'm certain that there are places where it would be easy just to wade across, although I have not tried it. The water is crystal clear, and you can see fish swimming very close to the shore. Callie surprised me and went into the water up to her belly. I took my shoes and socks off and waded in up to my knees. Very refreshing. Callie drank a bunch of water from the river. She's not at all a water dog, but all is fair when it's too hot!

Another shot looking up river. Very summery.

As close as we are to the river, we seldom go down there. Most of the time it's wet and muddy, so there's no reason to take Callie there. But it's different in summer and I sometimes forget that it's there. We should go swimming!


  1. How about some skinny-dipping? - and posting pictures of, naturally.

  2. Don't forget to go there, Walt... when the sun shines it's beautiful there!

  3. It looks perfect for swimming on a hot day- Callie was wise to cool off there.

  4. Perfect shot for a calendar photo for the month of August.
    Check out the NYTimes website. The feature article is about the US Open and Nick Kyrgios. AND on the
    sidebar I noticed an article about the difficulty of making bagels which you might find interesting.

  5. Looks like a very gently flowing river, great for swimming. We live on the Sacramento River where the current makes it very risky for swimming.

  6. Your photos do a lovely job of capturing 'high summer' .

  7. That looks like a wonderful river for a spot of paddling about.

  8. raybeard, hehe, I wouldn't want to get the camera wet...

    gosia, it's very pretty right now.

    jan, true!

    evelyn, it's just not in our nature to go hang out in the hot sun. But it was nice to wade a little in the cool water.

    sheila, will do. I hadn't seen the article about Kyrgios.

    anonymous, the Sacramento is a much larger river, for sure.

    christine, :)

    michael, thanks!

    emm, people do take canoes and kayaks out there.

  9. yep, the river is fair game on a hot day!


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