Friday, August 26, 2016

State of the grapes

This is what the grapes look like now. Some, not these, are starting to turn red. If I remember correctly where I took this shot, these should be red grapes. Either that or they're white grapes. LOL. My identification skills based on the leaf shape are not very good, but I don't think this is sauvignon.

I don't think these are sauvignon grapes, so I'm guessing either gamay or cabernet.

We're in a little heat wave right now. Sleeping is not all that comfortable, but it's not unbearable, either. The low humidity helps. All in all, our summer has been good, weather wise. Not like spring, which was a deluge.


  1. With heat you are having now, these will soon be ripe, regardless of color!

  2. I wonder if it is possible to tell one grape from another by looking at them.

  3. christine, I agree.

    michael, I think that it's more the leaf shape that helps to identify the varietal.


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