Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Fun in Troy

One of the things I wanted to do while in Albany was to visit Troy, a smaller city just north and across the river. My plan was to spend a morning or afternoon walking through the historic downtown taking pictures, but I never got it together to do that.

Behind the bar at the Lucas Confectionery.

Still, I managed to get to Troy three times for fun. The first time, I had dinner with a high school friend, her husband, and their daughter at a downtown brew-pub called Brown's Brewing Company. It was great to reminisce and enjoy the local beers together. I had a tasty cheese steak sandwich with fries and a couple glasses of Brown's pale ale. Yum!

At Brown's Troy Taproom with J & L. Photo taken with my camera by their daughter, J.

My second trip to Troy was to meet my cousin in a downtown wine bar called Lucas Confectionery. Again, I had great fun catching up with M. I last saw him in 2012. The bartender was friendly and informative and, in addition to the wines we ordered, he offered us tastes of several more, along with stories about the wine makers.

Me and my cousin M. enjoying wine at the bar. Photo taken by the bartender with M's smartphone.

Lastly, I enjoyed a dinner party with blogger and facebook friends at their home in Troy. There were six of us all together, and we enjoyed wine and a home-made beef stew with carrots and potatoes, a terrific mixed salad, and vanilla ice cream with a raspberry coulis for dessert. Scrumptious!

After dinner at the home of J&F, with S&J and J (who's not in the photo because he's snapping the picture).

So, maybe I'll get to wander around downtown Troy on my next trip!


  1. Sort of a family reunion?

  2. Proof is given: you had a good time over there, Walt!

  3. Oh, what a good time it looks like you had on this trip!

  4. chm, sort of. :)

    potty, yup!

    jan, it was a good time all around!

    judy, much fun. And got some business done, as well.

  5. I recognize S & J! and you, of course!

  6. anne marie, I thought you might! :)


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