Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Indian Ladder

The sign says it all. A portion of the Indian Ladder was incorporated into Thacher Park in the 1920s and has since been improved for tourists. I've walked the trail more than a few times over the decades. On either end are steel stairs down to and up from the trail which hugs the cliff face. Along the trail are caves and outlets of underground streams; at one point the trail winds behind a waterfall that issues from a stream in the park above. We were lucky to be there in spring when there was plenty of water. This time of year the stream can be reduced to a trickle or even dry. But I'll get to all of that later.

This sign is near the western end of the trail and the new visitors' center.

After these next few posts, I'll be done with my vacation photos from Montréal and New York.


  1. Sounds like the trail in The Last Mohicans film.

  2. gosia, I think it is.

    potty, it's not far at all from where that story took place, although the film was made in North Carolina!


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