Saturday, March 18, 2017

Buying dirt

So, in the incredible excitement that is our life in rural France, I went to the garden center on Friday to buy some dirt. Like we don't already have enough dirt at home. Still, I wanted some special dirt, the kind that you plant seeds in. I got two sacks, forty liters each. I am now rich in dirt.

Parsley on the left, thyme on the right.

I also found some herbs. Parsley is always a good buy, especially since I've not been very successful growing parsley from seed. I also picked up a few thyme plants: two "lime thyme" and one standard. I know about lemon thyme, but I've never heard of lime thyme. At any rate, I plan to put them in the ground outside the greenhouse. Photos will likely be taken.

The other reason I ventured out on Friday was to buy some gas. The lawnmower and the rototiller both need gas, and we were clean out. Now we're not. Happy days!


  1. Ha! Jerry always gets in trouble for saying he needs to buy dirt. SOIL, he's told. Knowing you, you probably DO actually buy dirt and then add specialized organic matter to it yourself to make soil!

  2. I remember from my gardening days buying dirt in the spring was a certain sign it is spring.

  3. no sage and rosemary? your life is much more exciting than mine. I can see the new greenhouse getting plenty of work this spring.

  4. "Incredible excitement" could translate to "peaceful." We're looking forward to the next installment, maybe tomorrow! in your life. Thanks for starting my day with a smile and some dirt.

  5. I love herbs, but am not successful with parsley or basil much. I do well with rosemary, thyme and chives. I will have more sun when we move and I'm hoping for a full fledged herb garden soon....

  6. Planting parsley seeds is always a chore since they have to go seven times down to the devil before they start producing. So they say.....

  7. This IS very exciting :)
    I can't wait to see your garden in action, and the green house!

  8. You missed your chance to make a joke about dirty old man.
    (Sorry about that.)
    Agreed, dirt and herb plants are true signs of spring.

  9. mitch, oh, yeah, soil. That's it. *cough, cough*

    michael, and buying dirt in the fall is a certain sign that it's not. ;)

    anne marie, we already have sage and rosemary in abundance in the garden. And some thyme. Parsley, not so much.

    chris, I always want spring to start sooner than it does. Gotta cool my jets...

    evelyn, basil is hard here because it's not hot enough, so I'm hoping the greenhouse will help.

    anon, hmmmm, that sounds ominous!

    judy, me too! LOL

    emm, I will be taking a shower today, so I'll be less dirty. ;)


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