Friday, March 17, 2017

Peas please

I planted our first crop of the year on Thursday. Ken is still harvesting kale from the garden, but he planted that last year. We expect at least one more harvest from those plants before they bolt this spring. What I planted was a first row of pois mangetout (snow peas). The word mangetout means "eat it all." The pods are meant to be eaten with the peas inside. They're also called pois gourmands (gastronomic peas). We use them in Asian cooking, but they are just as good in other dishes or as a side dish by themselves.

These tire tracks in the vineyard mud have nothing to do with snow peas.

Snow peas are not common in our local supermarkets, so growing them at home makes sense. Last year we had two varieties in the garden and they were good, but I didn't grow enough. This year I plan to plant successive rows for a good crop. Last month I found snow peas frozen at Picard, the frozen food emporium. They were good, too, but the closest Picard store to us is about thirty miles away.


  1. I don't know how long it would have taken me to figure out (if ever) that this is a shot of tire tracks. What an exceptional piece of wall art! Oh, yeah, happy for you and your peas.

  2. When we see a branch of Picard we always think of the Captain and Star Trek.

  3. St. Patrick's Day is the traditional day to plant peas, so you're in good company.

  4. Yum, snow peas!
    I saw the photo before the caption on it scrolled up, and I was wondering if it was some kind of new, steampunk trellis.

  5. mitch, I did a series of tracks last fall, so I'm repeating myself.

    potty, lol. Me too.

    thickethouse, I didn't know that!

    emm, our peas last year were tasty, but we only had a couple of meals with them. I'm looking forward to more. :)


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