Friday, March 31, 2017

Productive Thursday

Thursday was beautiful. The weather people were right on: our high topped out at over 21ºC (about 70ºF). I got the oil changed in both the lawnmower and the rototiller. Ken tilled up the garden plot to break up the weeds that were growing there. He'll probably do it again some time in May, just before we plant. I cut most of the grass. There's still a little bit to do, but I got tired. A bunch of other little chores got done, too.

A recent morning, the cloud layer at sunrise.

It feels warm this morning. The central heating didn't need to come on. The weather is changing, though, and some rain is expected mid-day. The service technician is coming today for the central heating boiler's first annual service and check-up. Bert goes back to the vet later this morning for his annual vaccinations, which had been delayed because of his injury. He seems back to his old self now.


  1. Spectacular view. You were SO productive yesterday! I ... I ... I ... Oh, yeah, I took out the recycling!

  2. Wow, what a sky!
    Glad Bert is back to good again :)

  3. Off topic, but have you decided on a name for the new puppy addition yet? If so, I may have missed that post.

  4. mitch, we have to drive our recycling to one of several drop-off points around us. So we tend to collect a lot of it before we decide to load up the car and take it in. Thank goodness for big plastic bins!

    judy, he finally got his vaccination and the vet said he's doing much better. No more antibiotics!

    anon, yes, we have a name and gave it to the breeder last week, but we haven't revealed it publicly yet...

  5. Glad Bert is well and will be feeling OK when the new family addition arrives.


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