Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Grape hyacinth

Spring is when the muscari (grape hyacinth) bloom. The little blue flowers resemble inverted grape clusters from afar, but when you look at them closely, each flower looks more like a little bell. I transplanted these from the back yard to this spot next to our driveway many years ago. They've spread a lot over time and now each spring we get a small carpet of blue.

A close up of the blooming muscari.

The weather has moved into a shower phase, typical for March, called giboulées. They're not very strong right now, thankfully, but everything is wet again. And I'm back to building the daily fire in the wood stove. Aargh.

The tulips in this patch don't bloom as they did when I first planted them (thirteen years ago!).


  1. Such spectacular color. Time to plant more tulips!

  2. Grape Hyacinth can put on a spectacular haze of blue if there are enough of them.

  3. mitch, I always have good intentions in the spring, then, when fall comes, I forget to do it.

    susan, I've seen some places where they're amazing, but can't remember where any of them are!

    evelyn, how about jazz? LOL!

    judy, :)


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