Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Loft in transition

We got ourselves a new sofa for the loft space. I only thought to take pictures after we had started disassembling the old sectional. So this is what you get. The furniture is taken apart, moved, lamps are on the floor. It's kind of like moving without having to pack.

Looking north, the old brown couch is scattered so I could vacuum and mop the floor under where it was.

The delivery happened on time, around 10h00, and went smoothly. The guys took the old sofa away, too, which was a great option. The new one comes from IKEA (what doesn't these days?), so it was in about six or seven separate boxes. I spent about two hours putting it all together (including the fabric covers, all separate). And I'm sore from the effort. At least we didn't have to carry it up the two flights of stairs. I still have the ottoman to assemble. Maybe this morning Done! And once we have the room put back together, Ken or I will take some more photos. Eventually.

And just for fun, a view looking south.

But, the new couch is in, assembled, and we're using it. It's similar to the old one, but different in a lot of ways (it's a totally different color). Callie was freaked out by the whole process. I'm sure we'll all be used to it in no time.


  1. What a glorious space. I could live there!

  2. Waiting for a pkoto of the assembled new sofa and a vue générale!

  3. looks like a cozy space to read a book, listen to good music, have a snort (or three) of quality booze (no rubbish)...

  4. Love your loft space. Is that a framed Paris Metro map?

  5. Oh THAT'S where the new sofa is going :) I didn't check back to see if you commented on my question that I thought you had bought a new one for the living room.
    Wow, this space is GREAT!

  6. It's fun to see your loft again. I hope we see the new sofa soon. Poor Callie...she is going to have an interesting Spring for sure.

  7. mitch, it still needs a bathroom, a project on the boards for some time in the future.

    chm, ken posted one today!

    anne marie, yes, yes, and yes!

    diane, in the bottom photo, yes. The map in the top photo is the Washington, DC, metro map.

    judy, yup, it's the tv room, the sleeping room, and Ken's office room.

    evelyn, you can say that again!

  8. You know I have never been into an IKEA in my life....... Looks like a great space in the loft. Diane


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