Sunday, March 19, 2017


Does it rhyme with "liken" or "kitchen?" In North America, I think, it's the former. In the UK, the latter. In French, it's pronounced [lee-KEN]. However you say it, there's a lot of it around. Many of the local lichens can be seen on trees (like this one) and on stone walls. I've read that the tree variety is not parasitic and doesn't do serious damage to its host trees.

A common blue-green lichen on a tree branch.

We're expecting the delivery of a new sofa on Monday. After nearly fourteen years of service, our old couch has had it. The fabric is worn and even torn in some places. It's done its time. The new one is similar in style: an "L" shaped sectional. But I'm hopeful that it will be easier to maintain; most of the the fabric covers are removable and washable, and more of the cushions can be turned and repositioned for even wear.


  1. You'll have to keep that new pup off the new sofa !

  2. Like Coppa's girl, I immediately thought of the new pup.

  3. Amazing clarity in that photo. Wow!
    I thought you guys bought a new sofa a while back. What am I thinking of?

  4. While we mostly follow British spelling, it not such a sure thing with pronunciation. We say liken. Good luck with the sofa (we tend to say couch).

  5. coppa, first, we have to keep the old dog off the new sofa. She has her place on the old one (on a towel, of course), so that may continue.

    mitch, it will be a challenge!

    jan, we'll see how it goes.

    judy, we bought one for the living room in 2011 after we had moved the old one up to the loft.

    andrew, we say couch, too. And sofa. My grandmother used to call it a davenport.


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