Monday, March 27, 2017

Where's Bert?

In this picture, he's lounging in the sun under the carport. But on Sunday morning, Ken didn't find him waiting for his breakfast, as he usually is. Oh well, I thought, he got distracted and went out hunting. Later, when I left to take Callie out for her walk, I opened the back door and Bert shot in. Apparently, he was trapped inside the greenhouse over night.

Happy to be free, Bert lounges in the afternoon sun.

It was my fault. He was probably lounging in there when Callie and I got back from our evening walk. He likely stayed very still when we came in so that Callie would not notice him. I didn't notice him, either, and I closed the door. At least he had some water in there. There was no sign of distress, no poops or any sign of digging. He just waited for the door to open and then, when it did, he ran out like a shot, and went directly to his kibble bowl. Poor thing.


  1. Glad you hadn't headed off for a few days! Our cats in California used to get closed inside closets when they were young. One, Maynard, would go insane slamming against the door until we let him out. His brother, Dobie, would curl up and go to sleep. They only way we knew where he was was thanks to Maynard who would be yowling in panic outside the closet door.

    1. Haa! Mitchell, that's a great story :)

      Poor Bertie!

  2. One more f mine periodically got shut into a neighbors garage. After the first time when it took hours to find him, I always looked there first when he missed a meal

  3. Black cats are easily hidden, especially at night. I wonder if Bertie likes puppies? Time will tell....

  4. Poor Bertie....not that he couldn't stand to lose a few grams! I remember struggling to hold him! I think he'll rule that puppy with an iron paw!

  5. After I locked a cat into a closet one day before work, and she ruined a very nice pair of suede boots by the time I got home, I learned to do a head count when leaving or locking up.
    Glad Bertie was OK.

  6. we do a head count before we leave; our 3 are known to hide in the strangest places!

  7. mitch, we never thought he could get trapped in the greenhouse! So now we have a new place to check before locking up.

    judy, he recovered very quickly!

    melinda, it seems to be something that cats do. Silly things.

    evelyn, he was sitting in a black pot of dirt (soil).

    susan, he's starting to lose his winter weight right now.

    emm, oh no!

    anne marie, good policy. We will do the same. :)

  8. Oh poor Bert. If the new puppy, Nana, is manic, then maybe Bert will retreat to the greenhouse for a bit of peace !


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