Thursday, March 30, 2017

Starting seeds

I've started some seeds in the greenhouse. Tomatoes (yellow jubilee, fireball, beefsteak, cœur de bœuf, roma, and brandywine) and hot peppers (espelette, habanero, serrano, and jalapeno), so far. Some zukes and eggplant are next. I got some marigold seeds planted, too; if I'm lucky I'll have enough of those to go around the well and into the vegetable garden to help keep pests away from the tomatoes.

Thirty tomato pots and ten pepper pots. I plant a lot because not every seed sprouts. I'll thin things out later, if necessary.

The potting bench inside the greenhouse is making the whole process easier than it's been in the past. Everything is all set up, I don't have to lug things out before I start and put them away when I'm done. I can plant seeds on a whim!

Wednesday was a very nice day. I got a lot of debris (sticks and branches) picked up off the ground and leveled many mole hills in preparation for cutting the grass. I also pruned our eight or so grape vines. They are table grapes that don't produce much fruit, but we like to use the leaves to make Greek dolmas. I dismantled the remaining structure from the old tent greenhouse; it sat out in the yard all winter. It was a productive day. And today is supposed to be very summery. I have a long list of chores that I'd like to get done. Or at least get started on.


  1. So great to see. You're going to have a busy, productive growing season!

  2. what is that thing called summer? we just got rid of the snow from 3 tuesdays ago. everything is mud and brown. I would like to see springtime just once!

  3. Planting bulbs this week for spring in 6 months time Walt.

  4. It's important to have a good work space. Very nice :)

    Marigolds help keep away pests in the tomato patch?

  5. That greenhouse space looks as if it's going to make your planting season much easier.
    Yum for "real" tomatoes, especially Brandywines. Best tomatoes evah!

  6. mitch, I hope so!

    anne marie, I remember what that's like. Ugh.

    leon, you'll enjoy it. Spring, that is.

    judy, I've always heard that.

    emm, I'm looking forward to tomato season, but I'm not in a hurry.


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