Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The end is near

The end of the vine pruning season, that is. The buds on the vines are fattening. Cut canes have been lined up between vine rows, ready for grinding. The remaining canes will be bent to the horizontal and fastened to their guide wires in the coming weeks.

The vineyards will soon go from brown to green as the vines leaf out.

The early blooming trees are in flower. Many of them have already dropped their blossoms and green leaves are appearing. Spring is here!


  1. So nice to know spring has arrived for you, but those vineyards are beautiful year-round.

  2. Thirty tomatoes! All labeled?

  3. mitch, I agree, but it feels good when the leaves come out.

    sheila, there are only six varieties, so labeling is easy. :)


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