Saturday, March 25, 2017

Springing forward

This weekend we move our clocks ahead one hour to what's called Central European Summer Time. That sounds nice, "summer time." But let's not be too hasty. We have to get through spring, first. We're expecting a week of warming temperatures, and that will be nice. My goal for the weekend is to get the vegetable seeds started in the greenhouse. Tomatoes, peppers, herbs, and other seeds need to be planted now so they'll be ready to go out in the garden in mid-May.

I think this is some kind of hyacinth.

Ken wants to get the garden plot tilled up. That's a big job that needs a few days of dry, warm weather before and during, so that the soil is not just a muddy mess. And then the grass will need cutting. It's starting to grow again. Dry days are best for that, as well.


  1. HA! at least you have spring; we still have the snow from tuesday last week! it's nice to see some color somewhere.

  2. It looks like a Nerine to me but the flowering time seems wrong.

  3. Brilliant photo. I woke up this morning thinking it was Sunday. Got out of bed at 7:30 thinking it was 8:30, which was especially unfortunate considering I don't usually get out of bed most days until 9:30!

  4. It looks to me just like what my hyacinths look like -- the ones that are in their umpteenth year of blooming, and have lost their oompf :)

  5. My local Trader Joe's today had small, 4-inch pots of tiny daffodils like yours, also labeled as Tete-a-Tete. So maybe the misnomer is a grower thing.
    I think there are probably three bulbs in the one I got, but it looks healthy enough and is sprouting happily.

  6. anne marie, I'm not complaining, that's for sure!

    andrew, I don't know nerine, I'll have to look it up...

    mitch, I'm confused! I usually start re-setting the clocks the afternoon before the change. At least the clocks that don't automatically change. We never know what time it really is. I feel a song coming on...

    judy, that may be it...

    emm, as long as they're blooming, that's what counts!


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