Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Spider machine

I thought this web looked interesting, spun into a corner of an old piece of machinery out among the artsy organized neighbor's collection of stuff. The web is tiny, probably not taking up more than a cubic inch of space.

The little web has a very obvious spiral shape to it, leading into a dark corner. Danger!

We had some pretty strong wind gusts on Monday and I noticed one edge of the metal roof of our carport starting to flap wildly. A couple of screws that hold it down had come loose. I went out with a ladder and put four or five big logs on top to try to stabilize it, but within an hour the wind had lifted the roof enough to roll the logs over, and the wild flapping continued. I'll have to get out there and see if I can get the thing screwed back down, maybe today. I hate wind.


  1. Stunning photo! Too bad about the carport. Jerry would agree with you. We had his "ciclonicos" yesterday.

  2. hate wind too esp cause it could mean power loss due to falling trees/branches

  3. I also find wind to be very unsettling. Hope your fix works.


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