Wednesday, March 15, 2017


My home town in upstate New York is getting a lot of snow right now. Here in France, we've seen nary a flake all winter. In fact, I was outdoors trimming shrubs and raking up debris on Tuesday as part of our spring clean-up. We're expecting a very warm day on Thursday, so more outdoor work will get done, and none of it involves snow removal. Thankfully.

Most of our daffodils are blooming right now. These are just outside the new greenhouse.

Thanks to everyone for your name ideas for the new pup! Many of the names you suggested are ones that we have been considering. We think we've found the name now but we're mulling it over for a few days before we finally decide. So I'll keep you in suspense a little longer. Oh, and I did find a little black collar and a small harness from when our first dog was a puppy (twenty-five years ago!), so I'm hopeful that they will work for the new one.


  1. I love daffodils! They remind me of my sister who always picked up a bunch for my mother from a flower vendor outside the subway station. They don't grow here, so thanks!

  2. Sue and I have just purchased a 80 bulbs to plant at our property here in Trentham. They will start sprouting at the end of winter later this year.

  3. I appreciate daffodils so much more, now that I have a house with a garden full of all kinds of them (thanks to the previous owner).

  4. Finding and useing the old puppy kit is so sweet. We have never thrown any of the 'stuff' away and I have a selection of dog tags that relate to the various dogs in various addresses. Mind you, we still end up buying new!

  5. Walt

    30 cms and it is still pilling on. We needed to go on the western part of the city for an appointment and at 6:30 the roads and Hwys were deserted.

  6. Just now chiming in for Nicolette- it's got the collie idea and refers to Collette like Judith said. Plus Niki is a cute nick name.


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