Saturday, April 01, 2017

Whole lotta grindin' going on

Now that the vine pruning is mostly done, the growers are out grinding the cut canes into mulch. You can see the canes lined up in every other row, ready for grinding. And we can hear the grinder out there. It's not really all that loud, and it doesn't bother anybody. You just know it's there.

Here's Callie munching on some grass. I don't have a photo of the grinding.

Our boiler got a clean bill of health on Friday. It should; it's not even two years old yet. And it's still under the manufacturer's guarantee until October. We have a service contract with the company that installed it for regular maintenance and emergency service. They're pretty good -- we had the same service contract for the old boiler. Once a year, the technician cleans the innards, makes sure the parts are working properly, and does the kind of technical maintenance that I can't, so it's a good investment.


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