Thursday, April 06, 2017

A few bikes

When I arrived at the winery I visited last weekend, a huge group of people was coming down out of the vineyard and making its way to the wine caves. The people filled up the street and I had to stop for a few minutes as they passed. I noticed that most of them were wearing cycling gear, those lycra-spandex shorts and shirts emblazoned with all manner of corporate logos. Out in front of the caves, several long tables were set up with a whole lot of empty glasses, waiting for wine.

Bikes stacked three and four deep against the winery wall.

After I was able to pull into the parking area, I saw the bicycles stacked more or less neatly along the wall of one of the winery buildings. Must have been a group tour and private tasting. Then I thought about all those tipsy people getting back on their bikes after their tasting. Oh my.


  1. Cool panorama of bikes. Bike-o-rama? I went on a bike tour of Napa Valley (over 30 years ago!) and it was really nice. By the time we burned off the tastings by peddling to the next vineyard, we were all set to start again fresh. Ah, the youth of my 30's.

  2. Have to say that French drivers in personal experience are the most cautious and patient with cyclists where here in Australia, there are a minority of drivers out to get you. I've also cycled in the US and found similar aggression as in AUS. Can't think of any better memories to riding in France and drinking wine.

  3. I could imagine these groups with the leader carrying a flag with a full tipping wine glass and the last person with a flag with the tipped glass empty - a warning to drivers and walkers!

  4. Great pic. Feeling a bit of anxiety thinking about all those tasters getting back on the bikes but, admittedly, it would be kinda fun to watch.

  5. stuart, Ken and I rode our bikes in the Napa Valley once (on our own, not part of an event or tour). We rode up the Silverado Trail, then down Highway 29. What a mistake! We had the afternoon wind in our faces the whole way back down the valley. We should have done the ride the other way around.

    leon, I've noticed that, too, but not as a cyclist. Just watching how other drivers respect cyclists here where we live is eye-opening.

    judy, :^)

    mitch, hehehe.

    sillygirl, that would be a sight!

    linda, I'm sure they were all fine. No reports of accidents!

  6. The winery wall is a thing of beauty!


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