Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Here we go

This morning we pick up Tasha, our new Shetland pup, and bring her home. We're not sure what to expect with Callie, but we've been given some advice from our vet and some friends. I'm hopeful that our mild anxiety will have been for nothing, and that the two dogs will work out their relationship smoothly. I just wish today's predicted rain would fizzle out.

Watching and waiting.

There has been an uptick in activity in the vineyards. I don't know what they're doing out there, but I've seen workers coming and going, walking the rows, and tractors here and there. There's still quite a lot of green leaves sprouting in spite of the freeze damage, but I don't know what that means, especially for vines on which the first grape flower blossoms froze. Will there be more? I can only wait and watch.


  1. I hope there are plenty surprises in the vineyards and in your house. Maybe Callie will be overjoyed to have a little puppy to idolize her. Good luck with the day!

  2. It's cool, sitting here knowing that it's already afternoon there, and you are probably on your way to get Tasha right now!

  3. All the best with Tasha. I'm sure all will be fine, after a beginning bump or two. I'm hoping for the best for you--that Tasha isn't too discombobulated, that Callie is gentle and accepting, and that the two of you are able to enjoy this new family member without too many sleepless nights.

  4. I'm sure they'll get on well together. Just hope Callie is up to all the running around after the new pup !


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