Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Our temperatures have become more "seasonal," meaning that the warm spell has ended. The mornings are chilly and the afternoons, while pleasant, feel more like April than June (as you'd expect). There's still a lot to do outdoors and it's slowly getting done. On Tuesday I pulled out a lot of saxifrage from an overgrown bed next to one of the garden paths.

A spring day out among the vines.

Seedlings are sprouting in the greenhouse. The chilly mornings mean it's cooler in there than is probably good for sprouting, but the warm afternoons help things along. So far there are lots of little tomato sprouts, except for the roma tomatoes. Those seeds are old, so they may not come up at all. The first zucchini has sprouted, too. When it gets a little warmer, I'll start planting herb seeds like basil and coriander.


  1. How satisfying it must be to see things growing in the greenhouse. As for the photo, Andrew Wyeth comes to mind.

  2. And for us in the southern hemisphere it is the opposite with the leaves of trees turning orange and red. It is a great time like all the seasons which have something to share.

  3. Love the possibilities of the warmer temperature garden where everything start anew. The picture is beautiful.

  4. mitch, it's always amazing when the things you plant actually start to grow. :)

    leon, I like fall a lot, but I'm looking forward to summer!

    linda, thanks!


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