Sunday, April 02, 2017

Stagger this way, please

On Saturday I drove over to one of our local wineries. Every year at this time, this particular winery holds its open house. But it's more than that. The winemaker participates in a regional exchange, meaning that winemakers from other regions in France come to taste (and sell) their wines here. And he goes to their regions in other times of the year for the same purpose.

The rusty bike, the wine bottle, and the painted arrow all point the way up into the vineyard.

I discovered this event several years ago when some friends invited me to go. While there, I tasted some wine from Chablis, in Burgundy, and I really liked it. Chablis is made from chardonnay, a grape that's not very common around here. In what's becoming an annual thing, I go buy some of that Chablis at our local winery's open house every spring. Ken and I went to Chablis in 2014 and visited that particular winery, just because. So now I buy some of their wine when they come here each year. A new tradition.


  1. Sounds like a fun event and that directional sign is priceless.

  2. I remember when you went to Chablis :)

  3. Cool bike! Drink some Chablis for me!

  4. Fascinating! I was a not aware the French wineries were cooperative like that. I got the sensation (reading Wine Advocate) they were in stiff competition rather. This tidbit of news is nice to know. I wonder if other countries do likewise.

  5. The Chablis style is most probably available from local winemakers in Australia however they are not allowed to label it as such due to French laws prohibiting other countries to use such terms as Champagne, Burgundy, Hermitage and Chablis. We can use Methode Champagne to describe the style though. Sue and I do purchase the French styles here in Melbourne such as Petite Chablis,etc. Travelling in the regions has helped to expand our palate.

  6. mitch, the winemaker has lots of rusty, rustic art about the place. And he collects antique trucks.

    judy, it was a nice trip. Probably won't be doing that kind of thing for a while!

    evelyn, count on it!

    michael, in this case, it's a way to share their customer base (and mailing lists!) and it gives people an opportunity to taste wine from a region that they might not otherwise know without having to buy the more mass-marketed wines from the supermarket.

    leon, back in the 60s and 70s in the US, most white wine was referred to as "chablis" and most red was "burgundy." I remember being surprised when I learned that those were actual places in France and not the words for "white" and "red."


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