Friday, April 14, 2017


It's called glycine [glee-SEEN] in French. I planted this one on the western wall of the house back in 2006. Now, eleven years later, it's in need of a good pruning. I plan to do that this year once the flowers stop blooming. There are too many crossed and/or straggling branches, and it's getting a little too heavy for its support wire (and that's something I may have to reinforce).

The wisteria blooms are still opening up.

I've already cut all the runners at ground level, something I have to do once or twice a year. Wisteria will take over and can do damage to walls, so it's best to keep on top of it. This one is still a young plant and its stems are not all that thick. I wonder what it will look like in another eleven years?

You can see that the branches need some pruning.

Here's a link to a photo I took of the plant in 2010, when it was four years old and just starting to climb. I wasn't able to find a photo from the year I planted it. Still, what a difference seven years makes!


  1. Incredible. We planted wisteria on a portico in our driveway in San Diego. Moved a year and half later in 1998! We drove by around 2009 and it was amazing to see.

  2. Pruning wisteria is difficult because the flowers only come on second year old wood. It is one of those nuisance plants that takes time to control and does not look much when not in flower, but that is all made up for by its splendour when in flower.

  3. loverly; I love the smell of wisteria. such a pretty purple also!

  4. That's amazing growth. Does this flower annually?

  5. gosia, :)

    mitch, I'll bet! They must like the SD weather.

    andrew, I don't mind it when it's just green, but the flowers are amazing.

    anne marie, stop and smell the wisteria! Or is that wake up and smell the wisteria? ;)

    emm, yes. There's also a second flowering later, but not as abundant as now.

  6. Oh I do so love wisteria. Your's is wonderful!

  7. This photo and the preceding one are marvelous stunning.


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