Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Out in the vineyard, among the grape vines, we see a lot of asparagus. It's not wild asparagus -- I'm pretty sure it's the standard asparagus we find in the markets. But it has escaped from the fields where it is normally grown. It only grows successfully in line with the grape trunks and not in between the rows of vines. That's because the growers constantly mow, plow, or spray herbicides in the rows and not much has a chance to survive there.

A single stalk of asparagus in the vineyard, already starting to go to seed.

The asparagus is green because it grows up into the sunlight. Our local farm-cultivated spears are kept buried so they stay white. In the past there has been so much rogue asparagus in the vineyard that I've been able to pick enough for a meal during my walks with the dog. I haven't done that in a long time now. It goes to seed very quickly and if you don't find it early, you've missed it.


  1. I've never actually seen asparagus growing. I also had no idea that white asparagus was not a different variety of asparagus. Thanks for the lesson!

  2. Not that I'm much of a gardener, but I have to smile, thinking of the fuss that's made about how to prepare and manage proper asparagus beds...........

  3. I planted a bed of asparagus a few years ago, and this year I actually got a few spears. Unfortunately with the rain I stayed away for a few days, and seed. oh well, hopefully I will time it right next year. BTW, your iris is stunning.

  4. no no no no
    that is You-know- what !!!


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