Monday, April 10, 2017

Dewdrops on petals

And bright copper kettles. Or something like that. I don't know what these wildflowers are called, but they grow on the roadside next to a drainage ditch. They must like damp soil. On this particular morning, dew had collected on the petals. They almost look like little eggs, but I know they're not.

These flowers are quite small. I used one of the magnifying filters for this shot.

Sunday was a nice warm day. I got a little outdoor work done, but nothing strenuous. Next up are two more flower beds that need to be cleaned up, and the grass will need cutting again later in the week. Our daffodils and hyacinths are done blooming. The forsythia is long done and is now green with leaves. More and more of the big trees are getting their leaves now. Lots of green everywhere!


  1. Nice pic. The flowers are called Lady's Smock Cardamine pratensis (Fr. Cardamine des près). If there are little eggs on them amongst the dewdrops (perfectly possible) they will belong to the Orange-tip butterfly, with is currently madly egg laying on these plants in our area.

  2. Breathtaking! That's at least what the photo of the flowers is called!

  3. I recognize that flower, but by another name that I can't remember, not as Lady's Smock. It's also called cuckoo flower, but not I think in the US.


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