Saturday, April 08, 2017

Warm weekend

We're expecting a very nice weekend, with sunny skies and high temperatures between twenty and twenty-five celsius. And we've been gearing up to take advantage. I got all the grass cut during the week, but there's edge trimming to do. Ken got the garden plot tilled up, but there is some potting to do and seeds to plant. I will be power-washing the deck today to get it ready for the year. Spring cleaning is in full swing.

The buds on the grape vines are fattening and leaves are starting to appear in some parcels.

There are always a hundred things to do around the house, indoors and out, especially when the weather is good. Then there are haircuts, dentist, doctor, vet, and groomer visits, and other out-and-about errands to run. And we're trying to coordinate all of that with the new puppy's arrival in just over two weeks. Yikes!


  1. You guys work awfully hard! But what a beautiful life you live.

  2. Didn't you plant a strawberry bed of your own last fall? I realize of course that you're too far north for them to be producing yet. Something to look forward to in May/June.

  3. So busy. But you must look really good after visiting the groomer.

  4. Looking forward to seeing your puppy!


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