Tuesday, April 18, 2017


The irises in our yard are blooming. They are all irises that were here when we bought the house. Some have been dug up, divided, and relocated. Well, sort of. We find that after digging up irises, we tend to pile them up somewhere and forget about them. Then they just adapt and, voilà, we have a new iris patch.

All the irises in our yard are this blue color because they came from the same original bed all those years ago.

The long Easter weekend is over and the neighbors who spent a week or so in their vacation houses have packed up and gone home. We'll see fewer people walking and biking through the vineyard, and the vine work will resume. Right now the workers are fastening canes to guide wires and replacing worn out posts. And the leaves are growing fast.


  1. Such a stunningly beautiful flower. We had a huge iris bed in Connecticut. We didn't stay long enough to see it mature, but it was still a wonder.

  2. What a gorgeous shot. The shallow focus is perfect.

  3. no iris here yet; tulips in bloom now.

  4. Beautiful photo of my favorite flower.

  5. we have iris that dont bloom, just dug a few up & re-planted to see if there's any hope....

  6. People call them "flags" around here. Your photo could be in a magazine- it's perfect.

    1. Some iris are called blue flag, and I think it's one of the names for a certain variety. There are also Siberian, and I think Walt's is a bearded iris.
      Now I'm wondering if the plural is iris, like a floral version of moose, or if it's irises.


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