Saturday, April 15, 2017


The owner of the winery that I visited a couple of weeks ago collects vintage trucks. I don't know how many he has, or even if they're all his, but several of them are parked around the winery property, and at least a few of them are in working order, like this one.

I wonder if those barrels are decorative or actually filled with wine?

There's another that's a old van emblazoned with the winery's name. I've seen it at the winery and on the road around town a time or two. The tasting event I went to was held in the building on the right in the photo below. Across the street, on the left, are the caves where that big group of cyclists was taken. If you look very closely, you might see the row of tables on the sidewalk outside the cave, just behind the aqua-colored Renault. Down the middle of each table is a line of empty wine glasses. I don't know if the glasses were for the cyclists or if that was the set-up for the day's lunch event. I didn't stick around to find out.

The ends of old wine casks adorn the wall outside the winery caves.


  1. That second shot makes me want to BE there!

  2. There is a lot of vegetation on that rooftop!

    1. Wonder if it's used to cool the building?

  3. mitch, darn, the transporter is out of order!

    evelyn, I don't think it's a roof, the caves are dug into the hillside right under a vineyard.

    emm, it is cool inside, but only because it's an underground cave.


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