Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Chicken tacos

I was inspired by a fellow blogger's recent post about tacos to make some on Monday. Our local supermarkets started carrying corn (and wheat) tortillas a few years ago, something that we rarely saw when we first moved to France. We find them in the foreign foods aisle alongside Asian, Portuguese, and British items. We enjoy making burritos, enchiladas, and tacos from time to time.

Build-your-own tacos at the table. A tex-mex treat!

For our tacos on Monday, Ken diced up some chicken breast and marinated it in a spicy dry rub. After it was sauteed, he added some chopped chipotle chilies in adobo sauce (brought back from the US) for an extra kick. I shaped the taco shells by draping the soft tortillas over the rack of the oven. They crisp up after a few minutes in a slow oven and hold their shape pretty well. We had some guacamole from a jar (not very good, but the fresh avocados in the store didn't look good and they were too expensive), chopped tomato, lettuce, and crème fraîche (a good substitute for sour cream). And, of course, some Mexican hot sauce. We made a plate of beans (field peas from North Carolina) and rice topped with cheese to go along side. Delicious!

I've started moving compost from our pile out back into the garden plot. It's almost done, with one or two more wheelbarrow loads to go. I also got a bed of last year's jerusalem artichokes cleaned up and prepped for spring. Ken worked on potted plants all morning, and on making lunch. I'm going to have to cut the grass again later this week. It's growing like crazy!


  1. "We made a plate of beans..." And speaking of beans, "I've started moving compost..."

    It looks delicious. We haven't made tacos at home since coming to Spain!

  2. Honestly never thought of doing my shells that way. So simple! Looks great.

  3. mitch, I might have handled that transition a little more gracefully...

    judy, it was pretty tasty!

    linda, when you can't get the shells pre-made, you have to improvise. :) And guess what? They're better than the pre-made shells!


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