Sunday, April 09, 2017

Apple blossoms

Our neighborhood's apple trees are starting to blossom now, including the ones in our yard. It's too early for me to tell if there will be a lot of fruit on our trees. The pattern has been that the trees are extremely productive every other year. Since I had two of the trees pruned back, the pattern has been interrupted. But that was two years ago and I'm thinking that those trees may have recovered. We will see.

Apple blossoms opening.

As planned, I power-washed the deck on Saturday. It went smoothly and was easier than I expected. I always think big chores are going to be a pain in the neck and, therefore, I procrastinate. But once I get them done I wonder why I was worried. I've found it's just a matter of overcoming inertia. Most of the big chores aren't as big as I think, and I'm so happy when they're done. After the deck dried, I got the table and chairs set up. I even got to sit out there with Bert for a while in the late afternoon.


  1. It's really surprising to me that spring is here, for some reason. But, it seems to be! Summery temps, in fact.

  2. I love that apple blossom shot. I hope that's a good sign of things to come. Today will be my day to work on the deck (in our case terrace) chores. It's supposed to be quite warm and I'm looking forward to getting the big umbrella deployed... among may other things to do. Enjoy this beautiful weather today.

  3. I don't think I've ever looked closely at an apple blossom before. Even more beautiful. Procrastination. I put off little chores.

  4. Glad you had some time with Bert- you have such a nice deck.

  5. no pix of bert? :(

    we are just getting flowers here - forsythia, cherry blossoms, hyacinths. many of the daffs died during the final snowstorm of the season. the itchy eyes/sneezing season has also started.

  6. judy, yippee!

    stuart, it feels good to be out in the air without having to bundle up!

    mitch, I was going to procrastinate today, but I think I'll wait and do it tomorrow.

    evelyn, he likes to snooze on laps in the summer time.

    anne marie, sorry! I didn't have the camera when Bert jumped up. Enjoy the flowers!

    michael, you can say that again.


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