Monday, April 03, 2017

Just down river

The winery I went to on Saturday is two towns away from ours, down river about ten kilometers (about six miles). It's on the same side of the Cher River that we are in a town called Angé. This is a view looking north from a vineyard above the wine caves. You can see the church steeple rising up from the village center. On the left is, I think, an air vent from the caves below. The winery makes organic wines, so there are no herbicides used in its vineyards. Mowing and plowing (with a horse-drawn plow!) help to control the weeds.

On the heights above Angé in the Cher Valley.

My first row of snow peas has sprouted, so I decided to plant a second row. On Sunday I dug up the dirt and removed a lot of weeds. Then I attached a netting support to the posts I pounded into the ground last month. Finally, I planted about twenty seeds and watered them in. I plan to plant a third row when this second one sprouts. That should ensure us a good crop of snow peas later this spring and into early summer.


  1. The photo looks like you've gone back in time. Charming! You're going to end up with enough snow peas to feed your town!

  2. Yes, like Mitchell said- this is like a time travel photo back to the good old days....

  3. What a wonderful panorama. I've seen some vineyards that have a "hole" so that they could drop the harvested grapes directly into the wine cave below. I don't suppose that structure allows that too? Good luck with the snow peas. I guess that's the only snow we're going to get in this area this year.

  4. mitch, snow peas freeze well, so if there are too many, there won't be.

    judy, farmer? LOL

    evelyn, these ARE the good old days!

    stuart, I've seen that, too, but I didn't get close enough to see if that was the case here.


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