Sunday, April 23, 2017

Deck days

I'm looking forward to spending summer days out on the deck. We've already had many nice days and I've taken advantage of them to spend an hour or so sitting out there. Bertie likes to come up and sit in my lap on those days.

The deck tiles are clean and we're ready for summer!

We're gearing up for the new puppy's arrival on Tuesday. Well, she doesn't "arrive." We have to go and get her. It will be interesting. So far, the weather is not predicted to be great.


  1. Nice and relaxing spot, Walt; and good luck this Tuesday!

  2. I hope Macron makes it to the next round.

  3. Such a charming spot. I'm so excited about the puppy. (And I'M not at all apprehensive.)

  4. I'm hoping that there will be many puppy posts, and many sitting-on-the-terrace posts :)

  5. We're looking forward to more dinners out our terrace. So far we've only dined there twice. I trust you've begun to puppy-proof the house by now.

  6. jan, thanks!

    sheila, and... he did!

    mitch, we'll see how it goes!

    judy, oh, yes.

    stuart, it is nice when you can sit out for a meal!

  7. that deck looks so inviting! I have not been able to enjoy our sunporch yet; it's been too cold and damp (shiver).


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