Sunday, April 30, 2017

Holy spider's web, Batman!

I thought this was a curious sight. I've seen webs with funnels that guide prey down in toward the waiting spider, but this one has a huge hole in the middle. I don't know if it's by design or by accident, but it looked quite unusual to me.

Can you see the dandelion seed caught on the web just to the right of the hole?

Saturday was a nice day, weather wise. I went to the market in the morning for some asparagus (the price is coming down now) and strawberries. I made some short biscuits and we had strawberry shortcake and cream for dessert. I also picked up some coques (cockles) at the fish monger's so we can have linguini with white clam sauce for lunch today.

The dogs and I spent a good part of the afternoon out in the sun, which was therapeutic after having got up at 5:30 to take Tasha out. Today we won't be so lucky. A storm system is expected to move through during the middle part of the day with a good amount of rain.


  1. And we finally have sunshine again! That spider web is fascinating.

  2. Strawberry shortcake sounds yummy. What does Tasha eat- puppy chow like here?

  3. oh yuuuummmmmmmmm

    Cool spider web :)

    When will Tasha be going on walks?

  4. Strawberries, yum. Wonder why they're called "short" biscuits, or cakes -- from the shortening, or perhaps the older recipes left something out?

  5. mitch, we had some in the morning, but rain the rest of the day. THIS morning is sunny again and not as cold.

    evelyn, yes, she gets puppy chow. Right now it's Royal Canin because that's what the breeder gave us (along with a coupon for another bag). But that brand is outrageously expensive, so we'll switch her over to something more economical when the fancy stuff runs out.

    judy, we're taking her on little walks around the yard, but she's way too small to go out on a Callie walk right now. Maybe in a few months?

    emm, I read that it's because the dough breaks quickly when stretched (short) as opposed to yeast dough that stretches a lot before breaking (long). I always thought it was because it was made with shortening, which "shortened" the prep time (no rising), but I was wrong!


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