Monday, May 01, 2017

Tasha and Bert

They were just outside together. Then I brought Tasha back into the house. She stayed by the door watching Bert, so I got the camera. I'm sorry for the state of the windows, but I haven't done the spring cleaning yet. Still, I think it's a nice shot.

Bert wonders why the newcomer can be in the house but he can't. Poor kitty-kat.

The rain and wind came as predicted on Sunday afternoon. We've been inside, playing with socks and ropes and bones and balls. Tasha's not fazed.


  1. Can it be that Tasha knows the camera is on her? Sure looks like it to me.

  2. Glad she is accepting Mr B...and she looks so fuzzy & sweet

  3. Tasha is adorable, but my heart breaks for sweet, gentle Bertie, who is clearly a victim of a bully.

  4. jan, :)

    judy, :)

    sheila, I probably called her name and got lucky.

    melinda, she's very curious about him!

    christine, :)

    paul, don't worry. No bullying going on with these two.

  5. Adorable. It will be nice for Bert to have a canine friend -- even if it is only out of doors.


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