Saturday, May 06, 2017

Persian speedwells

These little blue flowers grow close to the ground. They're blooming fantastically right now all through our lawn. I cut the grass on Friday, so a lot of the blooms are gone, cut away, but before I mowed, I took a couple of photos. The flowers will more than likely come back soon. They're called véroniques (veronicas) in French, and the British call them speedwells.

Our "lawn" is less grass and more little green plants, including these veronicas.

It started raining at some point in the night and it's expected to rain most of the day. Ugh. I have to decide if I'm going to brave the outdoor market this morning for strawberries.


  1. I had never known what these were called. Wonder where the term "speedwell" came from.

  2. Don't complain so much about the rain - here in Ireland it's been dry for over a month; we've had the driest April for 40 years and May is following suit. My arms are sore from carrying watering-cans. Bonne chance for the right result on Sunday.

  3. In my opinion the less grass the better, especially if these are an option. But I admit they're probably not the best for badminton or croquet courts.

  4. And here in the southern US they are called Veronica Speedwell. Beautiful photo. I hope that Tasha and Callie find the right spots for their 'business' trips quickly today.

  5. mitch, darned if I know!

    jl, oh, I'm not complaining. Yet! ;)

    stuart, it's just a carpet of green when it's cut. But give it an inch or two and, voilà, flowers!

    bettyann, ah, both names! And yes, spots are found and used. :)

  6. I've seen them called Blue Veronicas, too, which implies to me that there may be other colors.
    Think of them as "bleu" in the flags waving for the Macron win.


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