Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Le jardin potager

I'm making progress in the vegetable garden. The first of three successive plantings of snow peas is producing now. They're planted against the supports in the back of the garden. The zucchini are taking hold and starting to blossom, although these early blossoms probably won't produce anything. The first row of green beans has sprouted, and I planted another row on Tuesday.

I was out at 6:30 a.m. planting the last fifteen tomato seedlings. The bushy stuff on the right is oregano.

The largest part of the garden is taken up by tomatoes. I planted the seeds in late March and raised them in the greenhouse. Now, thirty tomato plants are in the garden. There are six varieties: roma, brandywine, yellow jubilee, cœur de bœuf, beefsteak, and fireball. I kept five plants of each variety. Here's hoping the blight fungus stays away. I still have eggplant and chili peppers to plant out, but the hardest work is done now.


  1. Looks wonderful. But you don´t realize someone is going to have to COOK all that!

  2. I love the fact that you mostly garden from scratch- planting the seeds yourself. Those peas will be delicious.

  3. All that fresh dirt must look tempting to Tasha. I assume Callie isn't a digging dog.

  4. My thoughts too - I hope all your hard work isn't spoiled when Tasha sees what you've done.
    Years ago our first Lab. pup kept me company when I planted Spring bulbs, showing great interest in what I was doing. Half an hour later I went into the garden to find that he had dug every single one up. He looked so pleased with himself !

  5. In your post from Saturday, about hanging the garden tools, how do the things stay in those hangers you put on the wall? It looks as if the handles aren't restrained at all, but there's no shelf under to rest things on. Magnetized? Magic?

  6. mitch, we'll do our best... ;)

    judy, I'm happy with it!

    evelyn, we used to buy seedlings, but many things are easy from seed, and more economical, too.

    diane, digging is unusual, but not unheard of. Tasha's dug a little, but we're trying to correct her when she does.

    coppa's girl, she likes to run through the garden when I'm working in it, so I have to watch her and tell her "no!" if she starts to dig (or nibble).

    emm, the hooks pivot up and down and "grab" onto the handles. It's almost like magic!


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