Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The piney woods

Callie and I haven't ventured into the piney woods in quite a while. It's really neat in there, but getting in is not easy. The edges of the woods are thick with small trees, bushes, and brambles. It's easier to get in and out on the far end, but a clear path through is not easy to find. We'll have to give it another try one day soon.

The piney woods, just beyond a small parcel of sauvignon blanc.

I woke up at five this morning when the garbage truck came by. Tasha was active, so I got up, dressed, and took her out. Pee but no poop. We came back in and I fed her, then took her out again. Nothing. I dealt with the cat and played with Tasha a little, then took her outside again. Still nothing. As it turns out, she had done a nice poop up in the loft before I had even got out of bed. Baby steps...


  1. Hey she was trying to save you the trouble of taking her outside.

  2. I was worried something was wrong with Tasha. Blecch!

  3. Awwww, little Tasha :)
    Maybe she mis-understood the 5-year wedding gift tradition, and thought it was the year of poop.

  4. she likes indoor plumbing

  5. LOL Happy Anniversary to you and Ken!

  6. Tasha is taking care of business on her own! Happy Anniversary to you two.

  7. Speaking from puppy experience, it's much easier to pick up poop than pee. :)

  8. Happy Anniversary to you and Ken!

  9. What Judeet said. (Happy Anniversary!)

  10. stuart, she's so thoughtful that way.

    coppa's girl, so true.

    mitch, oh, nothing's wrong. Especially with her digestive tract.

    judy, eew!

    melinda, if only she would use it!

    evelyn, thanks!

    christine, yup. And thanks!

    bettyann, yes indeed. Hers are almost as hard as tootsie rolls; easy to clean up.

    jean, that won't be the last time, I'm sure. :)

    susan, thank you!

    chris, thanks! :)


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