Sunday, May 14, 2017

Eyes on stalks

I almost stepped on this snail the other morning as he "scurried" across the dirt road out in the vineyard. He withdrew into his shell (like that would have saved him), but I saw him and was able to adjust my step. I waited about thirty seconds and he came back out of his shell and continued across the road. I like that his eyes show up in the photo.

Hurry up!

I really shouldn't call it a "him." Most snails are hermaphroditic. I won't get into the details of their reproduction here. I'm still having my morning coffee.


  1. Great photo!
    Wow, that's a fast transfer of power to the new president. Wow.

  2. You can see why, in some parts of England, some people say instead "Eyes like chapel hatpegs".

  3. I wonder if he ever gets fed up with having to carry his home with him everywhere?

  4. fascinating. What sort of snails are on the menu - this type or others?

  5. Watch the escar go! Great photo.

  6. judy, yes, there's only a week in between the election and the transition.

    autolycus, interesting! I've not heard that one before.

    coppa's girl, I would. ;)

    michael, I don't think these are the eating kind. But there are snail producers around our region. I also see them on shows about cooking and farming.

    chris, reminds me of the old joke...


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