Thursday, May 25, 2017

Misty morning

When the conditions are right, fog forms in the river valley as the sun rises. Sometimes it's a very shallow layer, and sometimes it gets thick enough to rise up over the heights. And sometimes, like on this recent morning, it's in between, just coming up to our house without engulfing us.

The small building with the white door (behind the hedge) is our garden shed.

The weather right now is very pleasant. The mornings are cool, but not cold (I go out with Tasha in shorts and a tee-shirt in the early hours before sunrise). The days are warm, but not hot. We're making progress in the yard and garden and I've started planting the vegetable seedlings outdoors.

Today is a holiday in France (Ascension Day), so we're restricted to not making noise with lawnmowers or chainsaws. Friday or Saturday will be the grass-cutting day. I may get started on cleaning out the garden shed this morning.


  1. It looks beautiful. We´re experiencing more fog and clouds on our travels than we like or are used to. What a couple of wimps we are. (But there IS the rain to contend with!)

  2. Nice weather for gardening. Great seeing all your photos.

  3. We're having nice weather here, too. We have already had some days near 90° F, but now we're having days in the 60s, starting off in the upper 50s, even... oddly cool for late May.

  4. mitch, and we're enjoying sunny and almost hot weather. It won't last.

    local alien, thanks! There is so much to get done while the weather is good.

    judy, I hope you have good weather for your trip!


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