Thursday, May 11, 2017

Leafus interruptus

The first half of April was unusually warm and dry, and the trees and grape vines started to bloom and leaf out. Then the freeze hit. The greening of the vineyard was abruptly interrupted. It's starting to recover now, but the impact that the freeze will have on this year's harvest will likely be significant.

This photo is from last week. The vines look a little greener now, but not much.

The late April freeze was promptly followed by a couple weeks of chilly and wet weather which, unfortunately, coincided with Tasha's arrival. Being cooped up indoors with an active puppy and having to take her outside in the cold rain is not particularly fun (two reasons for not getting a puppy as winter begins). There have been some nice days, and we enjoy them because we can be outdoors with the dogs. Wednesday was beautiful and we got some outdoor work done (garden tilling, mowing, etc.).


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