Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Tasha Tuesday

Tasha is learning how to play with the tricky treat ball. This is Callie's favorite toy, given to her by our friends C&J back when Callie was a puppy. She plays with it every day. I fill the ball with little treats. The dog pushes it around the floor and the treats fall out. Then she gobbles them up.

There's something tasty in there, I just know it!

Callie learned how it worked in just a few hours. Now Tasha is learning. At first she just followed Callie around the room and ate up any treats that Callie missed. But now she's learned how to push the ball around on her own. And they're playing with it together. She seems to be a very smart dog. And I'm not just saying that. Ok, maybe I am. Call me a proud dad.

Jumping onto the tricky treat ball.

The other day, a pretty large dead branch broke off of the big apple tree in our yard. That tree is slowly coming to the end of its life. On Monday, I got the chainsaw out and cut it all up into burnable logs and stacked them with the other firewood. And I forgot to take photos.


  1. I love everything Tasha! I think she's a puppy prodigy.

  2. The thing about dogs (and certain other pets) is that they provide hours of entertainment for you just by doing what to them comes naturally. Fascinating, even gripping, stuff!

  3. Does she have a peanut butter toy? My brother and sisters all have labs and they each have a peanut butter toy. When they want the dog to behave or do something out comes the peanut butter thing--better than a carrot or a pellet! A scoop of peanut butter goes into the cavity and the dog goes bonkers over it. I have never seen anything so funny. She does look like a beautiful dog.

  4. Clever girl ! Love these pics. - she's such a sweetie, and we really can't have too many photos.

  5. "She seems to be a very smart dog. And I'm not just saying that. Ok, maybe I am." - furkid love knows no bounds! tasha is such a sweet puppy!

  6. She's growing by the day. Shelties, like Border collie, are very smart. We could probably have Callie and Tasha running the government and do just fine.

  7. The photos are well captured--she's a cute and curious pup! I'm sure you guys are enjoying her antics.

  8. evelyn, and she's growing!

    bettyann, :)

    raybeard, she wears me out!

    angimanzi, no, but it's something we could try.

    coppa's girl, hehehe, be careful what you wish for!

    anne marie, :)

    emm, better than who's running it (the US) now.

    ginny, so far, so good.


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