Monday, May 08, 2017

Through the woods

This is the Artsy Organized Neighbor's "road to nowhere." It connects to the vineyard road on the far end, but stops abruptly at the edge of a ravine (behind where I'm standing). It's part of one of Callie's favorite walks through the woods.

The meticulously maintained road to nowhere.

The French presidential race is finally over, as you more than likely know by now. I'm glad that the extreme-right candidate lost. It will be interesting to see how Macron's cabinet shapes up and what will happen in the National Assembly. The new president doesn't belong to any established political party and therefore has no seats, let alone a majority, in the assembly. Parliamentary elections are coming up next month. Like I said, it will be interesting.


  1. May Macron's presidency NOT be a road to nowhere. At this point, I'm simply relieved that Le Pen had such a resounding loss.

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  3. So happy that you have an intelligent president- someone said he speaks better English than the American one lol. Conn and Betty said to tell Ken and Walt, ouf!

  4. Walt,

    Some of the areas long the Lachine Canal , where you went last year are under water. Google Montreal Flooding and you will see quite a few videos on You Tube .
    Happy to see that Le Pen lost (especially for those who wanted a Frexit ) but let's hope that , even with a cohabitation, Macron can get his policies through.


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