Wednesday, May 03, 2017


Things are going along. We have our ups and downs, although the downs are few and not very serious. Tasha has been with us now for a week and she's learning very quickly how the house runs. We're establishing patterns for her; dogs love routine and predictable patterns. I think she's beginning to realize that after the night's sleep, we go outside for "business," so she waits. She made her first attempt at going down the stairs on Tuesday (she mastered going up the stairs a few days ago), but she's still too little to manage it safely. That will change.

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Meal times and play times and nap times are getting settled. Ken and I have our learning to do, too. I'm getting better at recognizing when she has to go out during the day. She and Callie are learning to play, or at least hang out, together. Tasha gets along fine with Bert, and they spend time in the house together in the mornings. Now it's a matter of reinforcing patterns. We did this ten years ago with Callie, but we didn't have another dog or a cat to help occupy the puppy and absorb some of its energy. Then, it was all on me and Ken. Now, Callie is a welcome help!


  1. We have open wooden stairs to the sous-sol. Up and down must have been a danger for a pup, now The Dog does them so easily. A previous smaller pup had a dislike of concrete car parking steps. Everything must be so new. She looks a great pup.

  2. Despite the obvious energy drain on you and Ken, this must be really fun to watch, this whole learning phase for Tasha :)

  3. Wavy is normal and good, I think. Puppy cuteness helps a lot, too, doesn't it? You can put up with more. So glad Callie is playing with Tasha and keeping her busy. Thanks for the update!

  4. potty, our second staircase is wood, but not open. Still, it's steep. She gets up easily but going down is still too scary.

    judy, it's especially fun to watch at nap time. ;)

    ginny, puppyhood is definitely easier this time around, thanks to Callie.


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